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Norwell Lighting and Accessories For more than half a century, Norwell has been proud of its superb reputation for high quality solid brass lighting fixtures. We continue to build on this reputation by combining innovative design and craftsmanship with the finest European castings, exquisite glass, and our beautiful hand-dipped and plated finishes. While most of Norwell's product continues to be manufactured in America, all of our product offers unparalleled quality. When a product leaves our manufacturing facility you can be assured it was crafted with skill and an uncommon attention to detail.

Norwell's Hand-Dipped Finishes Some of our most popular finishes are the hand-dipped finishes. The process of hand-dipping allows for wonderful, subtle variations in each individual fixture. When you order a Norwell fixture with a hand-dipped finish you can be sure you are getting a truly unique product.